Thursday, May 25, 2017

3 Reasons To Buy An Alkaline Water Machine Over Other Filtration Systems

Hello there! You may have heard about the benefits of alkaline water and why you should get an alkaline water machine from your friends and family and are wondering if everything you heard is true. Of course it’s good to have your research done before you subscribe to any product or idea. That’s what we’re here for, to help qualm your fears. But first we have to understand what alkaline water is.

The Concept of pH

The alkalinity of water refers to its pH. Liquids usually come in one of 2 forms. They are either acidic or alkaline. But it isn’t a this or that type of situation. There are degrees of acidity and alkalinity. That means some liquids, despite being acidic, are more or less acidic than other acidic liquids. Likewise some liquids, despite being alkaline, are more or less alkaline than other liquids. So the liquids are measure on a scale of 0-14. 0 is the most acidic a liquid can get while 14 is the most alkaline a liquid can get. Smack in the middle is 7, which denotes a neutral liquid. Alkaline water is simply water with a pH of greater than 7.

Alkaline water forms naturally when spring or river water flows over rocks. By dissolving minerals from the rocks, the water becomes alkaline over time due to these minerals. This, however, is a slow process and the water may have other impurities that make it unfit for drinking. Luckily, there is a way to make water alkaline artificially. This is through the use of special technology known as an ionizer. The machines have ionizers and that is how they deliver that fantastic water to you.

So, now that you understand what exactly what this water is and what an ionizer does, you probably want to know why you should get yourself a machine. Here are 3 reasons to buy an alkaline water machine over other filtration systems:

1. Antioxidant Properties

Because of its nature, alkaline water will easily react with free radicals in your system. These free radicals can be harmful and have been known to be behind many different types of cancer. By combining with these free radicals, alkaline water produces oxygen that can be used to deliver energy to the cells and oxygenate the body’s tissues.

2. Detoxification

Alkaline water will react with acid from acid reflux in the stomach and other types of acid. Our bodies collect acidic toxins from many different sources. The food we eat, the medicine we use, our environment and even the normal process of aging. Alkaline water will neutralize these acids and flush them out of your system, returning the body to a clean state.

3. Enhanced Hydration

The ionizers in an alkaline water machine form the water into little bundles known as microclusters. These microclusters are much more easily absorbed at the microscopic level than regular water. This means your cells will get all the water they need very quickly. As a result your body will gain a boost in hydration that will last much longer.

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